/// Case History

Venus producing Nitrogen for a 4.000W CO2 laser

Galileo T8 for analytical application

Automotive applications

Laser cutting application

Hydrogen generator installed to feed a GC analyzer

Industrial application for a lab generator

Laboratory pure air generator at Brescia University

Installation with laser cutting for strongbox production

Venus GN90 and Mercury G64D in Russia

Laser cutting workstations for automotive

Installation of Saturn nitrogen generator - Mantova (Italy)

Mercury G4 - Hydrogen generator in Portugal

Nitrobox installed and at work

BP Production From Saqqara EGYPT

Hydrogen + oxygen generator 64 mc/hour

Hydrogen generator for producing electricity from photovoltaics

System for producing hydrogen 88mc/hour

Nitrogen generator and compressor 45bar(g)

Nitrogen generator integrated into the new oven for plastic parts cleaning

Hydrogen generators for fuel cells

High purity nitrogen and hydrogen