The LC – MS laboratory technique is increasingly used in many types of analysis: this technique uses nitrogen as a nebulizing gas, consuming very large quantities. The high requirement of laboratories makes the supply of an onsite gas generator strategically advantageous: the supply through the cylinders would, in fact, bring with it various problems and, in comparison, an onsite generator guarantees a rapid return on investment.
ErreDue Gas develops technologies to help companies improve their production.

With Galileo, the company goes in this direction, supporting the laboratories that intend to solve their nitrogen supply problems and provides them with a system to produce pure gas in a completely autonomous way. The modular generator-compressor system gives the customer the choice of a wide range of logistics solutions to better manage and optimize their laboratory space. It also gives the advantage of making any maintenance operations much easier: with a separated compressor, the generator is independent and therefore, access to the device is easier.

ErreDue Gas has worked hard on product development, designing and offering its customers not only a gas generator,but a real system capable of producing Nitrogen gas starting from air, with very high levels of purity and reliability.

The Galileo Nitrogen generator uses PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology to generate pure nitrogen and at sufficient pressure without the need for additional equipment. It is powered only by electricity and compressed air. It can also be equipped with a catalytic oven for the removal of hydrocarbons.