Erredue Gas, with its line of hydrogen generators onsite Mars, offers a concrete alternative to analysis laboratories, which are using helium at the moment. Using this gas several and growing complications are coming up: economical, logistical, occupational safety and others.

Hydrogen generators onsite Mars, suitable for the 100% of chromatograph gas on sale, are able to offer laboratories and firms an efficient solution concerning problems about the use of helium.

Here are the details about how Mars solves problems about the use of helium:

Problem: Growing difficulty in finding available Helium.

Solution: Through Mars laboratories avoid the risk of not having available the gas needed for their analysis. With generators onsite Mars, laboratories will be able to produce hydrogen just from electric current and distilled water.

Problem: High and very changeable costs of Helium.

Solution: The initial investment to purchase a generator Mars has been estimated to be recouped in only five year’s time. Besides laboratories, that carry out analysis mainly for third parties, will be able to take in consideration this great investment and its advantages for their clients.

Problem: Difficult and unfavourable supply.

Solution: Naturally, producing the own carrier gas or reagent on site, problems that concern supply are avoided, since sometimes it can become very onerous due to high costs and uncertainty of deliveries.

Problem: reduction of the level of occupational safety related to the usage of tanks and their handling.

Solution: storage inside pressurised tanks represents a potential risk for occupational safety, in either cases hydrogen or helium are used. Through the onsite production of gas the work environment is protected, contributing to make it totally safe.