GEMINI Oxygen generators

GEMINI Oxygen generators use the PSA technology to produce a continuous pure Oxygen flow, without the use of chemicals.

The GEMINI generator requires just electric current and compressed air to produce Oxygen, there are four models available with different flow rates and different purity levels, to satisfy every laboratory’s need. One of the unique advantages of GEMINI generators is the modularity, which allows users to increase production in case of need, simply by adding one or more modules.

The Oxygen gas produced by GEMINI is employed in different analysis, such as: TOC analysis (total organic carbon determination), electrochemical analysis and every other application where a pure Oxygen flow is requested.

Using a gas generator instead of using gas cylinders brings many advantages:

  • Continuous gas supply without downtime due to cylinders replacement
  • No gas waste
  • Elimination of high pressure gas storage and handling risks
  • Purity of gas is constant, no risk of tank contamination
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