Electronic gas mixers

ErreDue’s electronic gas mixers are capable to form one or more mixtures of arbitrary rate between two or three gases.

The controlling device of the mixer is represented by a programmed PLC, which communicates with an LCD control panel. From the LCD control panel the user can select the concentration of the requested mixture and get information regarding the state of the ongoing process.

1.The flow of modulating gas is controlled and detected by a mass flow controller, whilst the flow of carrier gas is instantaneously detected by a mass flow meter.

2. The high quality of process components (electronic flow controllers, pressure sensors, solenoid valves, flow regulators, filters… etc…) used provides the highest accuracy obtainable today, together with a great flexibility of use.

3. The mixture of gases is produced in real time at the requested flow rate and proportion selected by the user through the LCD control panel.

4. The great flexibility of the device allows options in the operating principle.

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