Dynamism is one of the main features of ErreDue: the company applies this attitude on different levels, not only on the production.

The no-stop Research & Development activities work in synergy with the strategic-commercial activities of identification and exploration of new application markets. The launch of the new Sirio on-site hydrogen generator starts from this attitude.

The growing development of circular economies gives great relevance to the biomethanation processes through which methane gas is obtained from the fermentation of agri-food and industrial waste, sludges and the organic part of solid urban waste.

Not only Green Economy, however: in order to overcome oxidation processes, the metal heat treatment Industry is also characterized by a constant need for high purity hydrogen gas.

Given the very high purity levels guaranteed by ErreDue’s PEM (proton exchange membrane) technology, Sirio perfectly meets the needs of these Industries.

Plug & Play

All Erredue generators are Plug & Play. Sirio is simple to use: just connect it to electricity and fill the tank with water; the generator immediately produces high purity hydrogen at the necessary pressure and flow rate.

One Unit

No auxiliary equipment: Sirio consists of a generator, water tank and purification system for the generated  gas.

Technical Features

Flow rate: from 0.5 m3 / h up to 2 m3 / h.
It is possible to achieve greater flow rates by putting the system in parallel.
Pressure: reaches up to a maximum of 15 bar in the models in the catalog and can be customized up to 30 bar.

Smart factory

Sirio can be monitored and managed remotely thanks to the integrated connectivity and ErreDue’s Remote Assistance.