Laser cutting

ErreDue designs two specific products for laser cutting applications: NitroBox and Saturn.



NitroBOX is a compact and easy solution to produce pressurized Nitrogen directly where it's needed, for laser cutting and every other application where high purity Nitrogen is needed.

The high purity of Nitrogen produced by NitroBOX allows cutting stainless steel up to 20 mm thickness, with a sharp and shiny cut edge.

NitroBOX is designed and developed to allow a very quick and easy installation, in order to get on-site Nitrogen supply at desired pressure: a real Plug&Play system.

NitroBOX requires only compressed air (already present in your facility or produced with a compressor) and a power supply, with significant cost and time savings. Thanks to the PSA technology, Nitrogen is produced directly from ambient air, no chemicals required.

NitroBOX autonomously produces Nitrogen needed for cutting, storing it inside its integrated 40 bar tank. Nitrogen flows from NitroBOX to the laser system with flow rates up to 500Nm3/day. Storage capacity can be easily increased by adding one or more tanks next to the NitroBOX system.

Advantages of on-site Nitrogen production:

  • On-site production means no downtime to swap cylinders, no cost for gas transport, no Nitrogen waste due to low residual pressure inside the cylinders.
  • On-site production means constant quality of the gas, no fluctuation due to different batches of gas or gas contamination
  • On-site production means higher safety for laser operators, no high pressure tank or liquid Nitrogen is required.



ErreDue’s Saturn pure Nitrogen generators produce a continuous flow of oxygen-free nitrogen, with a very low dew point, through filtration and consequent purification of a compressed air stream.

The extremely high purity of the nitrogen gas produced by Saturn generators is reached thanks to the addition of a very small percentage of hydrogen (0.5-1%) produced onboard the generator. The consequent passage through a catalytic reactor and a molecular sieve guarantee the removal of oxygen, other gases and water traces.

Saturn Nitrogen generators have a totally automatic functioning, controlled by a PLC with a touchscreen display interface. Like every ErreDue’s product, Saturn generators can be remotely managed through an Ethernet connection.

Saturn generators avoid using gas cylinders and liquid nitrogen containers, reducing costs, labour and system footprint Production capacity of Saturn can be increased after installation, simply by adding production modules.

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