We develop technology to help companies improve production in complete safety

ErreDue supports industrial customers and laboratories who intend to solve their gas supply problems, providing them with a complete range of products for on-site gas generation and purification, capable of satisfying every need, from the smallest laboratory to the largest industry .

  • H2 Generators, N2 Generators O2 Generators, Argon, Pure Air, CO2, Gas Treatment Systems: ErreDue brings great know-how and strong cross-sectional skills to provide the best solution starting from a deep understanding and analysis of the customer's specific need.

  • Generators, mixers and gas purifiers designed to improve customers' production: to do this ErreDue can count on a highly specialized technical staff and a production infrastructure articulated in 3 different sites dedicated exclusively to production.

  • Oxygen generators for medical use thanks to and upcoming commercialization of plants of one MW and above

Erredue's R&D area in the continuous search for solutions that bring innovation to the various application fields of reference.

ErreDue works hard on product development, designing and offering its customers not only a gas generator, but a real system capable of adding value to the production cycle in which it is used.

A very important focus on construction materials: this focus helps to improve the efficiency and duration of its products. Continuous research allows ErreDue to continue exploring and penetrating new markets by diversifying the business: in this way R&D becomes a real strategic lever to ensure its presence and success on the market.