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Three guys and a revolutionary idea

In 1985, three young men developed one of the first electronic automation calculators. One of the most innovative applications involved the world of hydrogen. When no one was talking about sustainability, these three boys understood the importance of renewable energy and the great prospects of this business. Another boy joined them-and together they designed a new technology to produce energy with hydrogen.


  1. Enrico D'Angelo's experience pre Erredue


    Enrico D'Angelo, current president and CEO of Erredue, founded Tecnimat / Idroenergy and started his business in the hydrogen sector.

  2. Enrico D'Angelo's experience pre Erredue


    Idroenergy, led by Enrico D'Angelo and his partners, produces on-site hydrogen generators capable of producing from 1 to 10 cu m/hour, for industrial use at 4 bar

  3. Enrico D'Angelo's experience pre Erredue


    Sale of 70 percent of Hydroenergy to a multinational company

  4. Enrico D'Angelo's experience pre Erredue


    Enrico d'Angelo Exits Hydroenergy Management

  5. The structuring years


    On February 14, Enrico D'Angelo founds Erredue. Several former Idroenergy employees join the company.

  6. The structuring years


    Acquisition of a key contract with Air Liquide with respect to machine maintenance, ensuring the necessary economic stability from the outset

  7. The structuring years


    Purchase of the building and move to the site. Start of production of nitrogen generators

  8. The structuring years


    Change of business model, aiming not only at the tout-court sale of generators, but at self-financed leasing first, and through leasing companies later

  9. Research and new products


    Francesca Barontini is appointed CEO of Erredue. Transformation into an SpA.

  10. Research and new products


    Acquisition of a stake in a spin-off company from the University of Pisa, consisting of professors with expertise in the field of metal catalysts. Establishment of a dedicated R&D center. 30-bar cells

  11. Research and new products


    Start production of small laboratory generators. Start of in-house production of PEM cells (previously bought from third parties)

  12. ErreDue Today


    Erredue today is a micro public company capitalized, structured, organized to produce and operate high-quality gas generators From September/October, generators producing up to 210 mc/h at 30 bar pressure will be marketed

  13. ErreDue Today


    Production of the first generator from megawatt and up, and entry into the new hydrogen markets of "Power-to-Gas," "Automotive," and "Industrial Decarbonization"

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ErreDue solutions have always been made with an eye to the future,

blending large doses of innovation, creativity, quality and service-a winning mix that confirms the company's desire to be there today and also tomorrow

The three cornerstones of our company are Occupational Safety , Sustainability and Innovation

There are numerous benefits for the environment that result from the use of the technologies produced by ErreDue: working for the efficiency and optimization of the production cycle generates important benefits not only for the customer but also for the environmental context in which the customer operates.

  • SOME
  • On-site gas production eliminates greenhouse gas emissions from cylinder transportation.

  • On-site production of gas directly at the required pressure provides significant energy savings and can eliminate the need for a compressor.

  • Hydrogen used as an energy carrier makes the best use of existing renewable sources and facilitates their development and deployment.

  • Increased safety in work environments: the risk of accident is reduced because the gas produced at the pressure averts the danger of bursting and eliminates critical issues related to transport and handling of compressed gases.