Soldering and brazing torches (Oxygen & Hydrogen).

The oxyhydrogen flame is made directly from the combustion of Hydrogen gas (fuel) and Oxygen gas (oxidizer) produced by ErreDue’s Mercury generators for electrolytic dissociation of water molecule.

The welding flame gets its power directly from pure gases that are mixed only at the torch tip during use. In this way, the flame is capable of cutting and welding metals, glass and thermoplastic materials.

Using ErreDue’s Mercury generator to produce welding gases replaces the use of acetylene, propane and other combustible gases and at the same time the Oxygen cylinders, which have a high potential risk of application.


Ecology and environment: combustion of Oxygen and Hydrogen doesn’t produce any toxic substance or smoke, just water.

Safety standards: the gas is produced only when the operator requires it at the torch, without storage tanks and gas storage facilities (zero risk of explosion).

Economics and functionality: the gases are immediately ready for use at work and in less than a minute at initial start. The flame has a temperature of nearly 3,000° C against, for example, the 1,600° C achieved with conventional welding tools: this enables to carry out the same job in less time.

Health of welder: the combustion produces only the harmless vapor of water, thus eliminating the harmful combustion gas of all other combustible gases used for welding, reduces operator fatigue and enhances the quality of human environment in the workplace

All ErreDue generators are available for rental in the Italian territory, with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance included in the fee.


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