ErreDue makes two products specifically dedicated to laser cutting: NitroBox e Saturn.


NitroBox is a simple and compact system for producing pressurized nitrogen directly where it is needed, for laser cutting and any other application where pure, compressed nitrogen is needed.

The high purity of nitrogen produced by NitroBox makes it possible to cut stainless steel up to 20mm thick, with a clean, bright cutting edge.

NitroBox has been designed and developed to allow quick and easy installation to immediately obtain an on-site supply of nitrogen at the desired pressure-a true plug-and-play system.

NitroBox requires only compressed air (often already in the plant) and power supply, resulting in significant cost and time savings over the use of cylinder gas.

With PSA technology PSA technology, nitrogen is produced directly from the air, without any chemicals.

NitroBox independently produces the nitrogen needed for laser cutting, already compressed to 40 bar.

Nitrogen flows from NitroBox to the laser system with flows up to 500Nm3/day.

Storage capacity can be easily increased by simply adding one or more tanks next to the Nitrobox system.

Advantages of on-site nitrogen production:

  • On-site production means no downtime to replace cylinders, no cost for transporting gas, no gas waste due to low residual pressure in cylinders.
  • On-site production means consistent gas quality, with no fluctuations due to different gas batches or contamination of the gas in the cylinder.
  • On-site production means greater safety for the laser operator, eliminating the need to use high-pressure cylinders or liquid nitrogen.


Saturn ultra-pure nitrogen generators produce a continuous flow of nitrogen free of oxygen and residual moisture by filtering and then purifying a stream of compressed air.

The very high purity of nitrogen produced by Saturn generators is made possible by the addition of a small percentage of hydrogen (0.5-1%) that is produced directly by the system and added to the gas stream. Subsequent passes through a reactor and molecular sieve ensure that oxygen and other gases and traces of moisture are removed.

Saturn generators have fully automatic operation, controlled by a PLC with a touchscreen interface. Like all ErreDue products, Saturn generators can be controlled remotely via Ethernet connection.

Saturn generators make it possible to eliminate the use of liquid nitrogen cylinders and containers, saving the company significant resources while maintaining a very small footprint.

The production capacity of Saturn generators can; be increased even after installation by simply adding modules.

All ErreDue generators are available for rental in the Italian territory, with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance included in the fee.


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