ErreDue S.p.A. is able to supply nitrogen generators and hydrogen generators of any flow rate and any purity and gas treatment systems valid for all metal heat treatment applications.

The heat treatment of metals produces structural, mechanical and technological modifications of the materials through temperature variations consisting of heating, holding at temperature and cooling with pre-set speeds and times in electrically heated or combustion furnaces.

During the heating of the pieces and up to their cooling, the protection from oxidation of the metal which compromises the brightness and the mechanical characteristics of the finished pieces is crucial.

The very pure nitrogen produced by the SATURN generators and the very pure hydrogen produced by the MERCURY generators guarantee total protection and constant and guaranteed quality over time by eliminating any oxidation present on the metal by reacting (redox) and transforming into water vapor which is transported away with the gas itself.
Furthermore, ErreDue is able to create electronic mixers to produce the most suitable blend for each customer.


  • Superior brilliance of the pieces
  • Better mechanical characteristics of the pieces
  • No machine downtime for cylinder replacement
  • No risk due to the handling of pressurized cylinders

All ErreDue generators are available for rental in the Italian territory, with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance included in the fee.


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