Confirmation of the top economic and commercial reliability arrives for ErreDue: a fact, now certified, that our customers have already been able to experience in the field during their commercial relationships.

In fact, ErreDue has been awarded with the Prime Company certification by Cribis D&B: the highest level of evaluation of a company’s reliability. Cribis D&B is a leader in business information: for the release of the Prime Company certification, Cribis D&B analyzes the company evaluating numerous variables and filtering them through a complex dynamic and always updated indicator which, in summary, measures the commercial reliability of the company.

The recognition of Cribis Prime Company is a great distinctive value, released exclusively to those companies that maintain a high economic and commercial reliability over time and constantly demonstrate that they are virtuous in payments of suppliers: every year it is awarded only to 5% of over 6 millions of Italian companies.

Another significant value that we can spend for our many customers.