ErreDue has just completed the installation of an important gas mixing and accounting system feeding robotic MIG, MAG, and TIG welding stations for a large mechanical carpentry that operates almost exclusively with the railway sector.

The railway sector, like the aerospace sector, is characterized by very high quality standards in order to guarantee total safety on vehicles that now travel even at 350 km/h. ErreDue develops technologies to help companies improve their production, safety and quality of work: the system installed by ErreDue in this case allows the creation of binary and/or ternary gas mixtures (Argon, Oxygen Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide) as needed, which are monitored through measurement technology to keep the quality of the produced gas mixture constant.

Moreover, to improve the mixture for TIG welding, ErreDue has installed Mars, an on-site Hydrogen gas generator of the laboratory area which produces hydrogen on demand at a very high percentage of purity (up to 99.9999%) with flow rate regulated according to the need, from a few milliliters per hour up to a few liters/hour at the desired pressure (up to 15 bar). This technology allows to maintain the desired percentage in the feeding gas mixture (modulating the production according to the request of the mass flow). Erredue, with the use of the onsite Mars hydrogen gas generator in this particular case of success, proves great synergistic capabilities between the area dedicated to the laboratory and the one dedicated to the industry.

Comparing with the production feeded by pressurised tanks with already mixed gases, there are advantageous implications mainly from two points of view:

  • With onsite mixing, the same mixture is always obtained regardless of atmospheric conditions and tank consumption: this guarantees constant repeatability of the welding quality. Fundamental requirement when entering into relations with very demanding sectors such as the railway one.
  • Compared to tanks containing gas mixtures, tanks with single gas have much lower costs for a significant saving in production costs. Based on the calculations made, in two or maximum three years, only with the savings on the gas purchased, the customer is able to amortize the plant. In addition, with improved efficiency of the welding system, the customer will be able to minimize production waste.

The production, mixing and measurement of gases are also managed remotely, in fact the operator will be able to modulate the flows of the individual gases in the system and keep the significant parameters under control. Thanks to the integrated connectivity, all the equipment produced by ErreDue are covered by the benefits provided by Industry 4.0 plan.

Furthermore, the traceability of all this information opens up a horizon of production optimization which in complex competitive scenarios allows to generate important advantages.

ErreDue proves great ability to develop new projects and ever new installations by involving great know-how and transversal skills to provide, as always, the best solution for its customers’ applications: generators, mixers and gas purifiers designed to improve customer production.