Sirio hydrogen generators

The new Sirio on-site hydrogen generator, thanks to the very high levels of purity guaranteed by the ErreDue’s PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology, perfectly meets the needs of those applications where a moderate amount of pure and compressed gas is required, such as metal heat treatment and Biomethane production processes.

Sirio is Plug & Play: thanks to its simplicity of use and its autonomy, it is sufficient to connect it to an electrical power source and fill the tank with water to immediately produce pure hydro- gen at the necessary pressure and flow rate. In fact, it does not require any auxiliary system: the unit includes a generator, the water tank and a purification system for the produced gas.

The hydrogen flow rate starts from 0.5 m3/h up to 2 m3/h, it’s also possible to connect several systems in parallel. The maximum pressure generated reaches 15 bar in the standard models and is customizable up to 30 bar on request.

Sirio ErreDue hydrogen generators can be monitored and managed remotely thanks to the integrated connectivity and ErreDue’s remote assistance service.

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