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    ErreDue electronic gas mixers are equipment capable of forming one or more mixtures of arbitrary percentages between two or three gases. The mixer’s control device is represented by a suitably programmed PLC communicating with an LCD operator panel. Through the LCD operator panel, the user can choose the concentration of the mixture he or she wants and get information on the status of the current process.

    Carrier gas flow is instantaneously detected by a mass flow meter, while modulating gas flow is detected and controlled by a mass-flow controller.

    The quality of process components (electronic flow meters, controllers, pressure sensors, solenoid valves, flow regulators, filters etc…) used ensures the highest accuracies achievable today, with great flexibility of use.

    The mixture is produced in real time at the flow rate required by the user and in the programmed percentage via the control system with LCD touchscreen display.

    The great flexibility of the device allows variations in the principle of operation.

    All ErreDue gas generators are available for rental and sale in the Italian territory

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