ErreDue OXYGEN concentrators operate on the pressure swing absorption (PSA) principle to produce a continuous flow of oxygen from compressed air filtration.
The system consists of two sets of extruded aluminum columns filled with zeolite. A stream of pre-treated compressed air flows through the columns from the bottom to their tops, nitrogen is absorbed by the filter material, and oxygen from the top of the towers is collected in a special storage tank ready for use

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Why choose ErreDue generators?


No hazards from storing pressure cylinders, no hazards from handling, no entry of outside personnel.

euro euro SAVING

No cylinder transportation cost, independence from gas cost fluctuations.


No loss of time for cylinder change, no risk of supply.

speed NO WASTE

ErreDue gas generators produce only the gas required by the equipment, avoiding waste and eliminating the need to check the residual gas in the cylinder before beginning analysis.


The gas produced by ErreDue generators keeps its quality constant over time.

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