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    ARIES generators are laboratory nitrogen devices manufactured using a hollow-fibre membrane that separates nitrogen from other compressed air components.

    ARIES ggenerators with air compressor included allow nitrogen to be produced autonomous.

    ARIES generators are capable of producing nitrogen at a purity level such that they can be used for a wide range of applications requiring a purity level of between 90 – 99.5 %

    ARIES generators are manufactured with highly reliable electropneumatic components to ensure long service life and minimal maintenance requirements; it remains a very simple device, managed completely autonomously by a PLC with a touchscreen control panel that allows operating parameters to be displayed and modified.

    ARIES generators are available in two models with different flows and different purity levels to meet any laboratory requirement.

    ARIES enerators are are able to produce nitrogen with pressure in the range 5÷9 ar for various applications in analytical laboratories

    Data sheet

    DIMENSION630 X 8630 X 1400h630 X 8630 X 1400h
    INTERFACEDisplay Touchscreen a colori 3.5 "Display Touchscreen a colori 3.5 "
    POWER SUPPLY230V - 50 HZ230V - 50 HZ
    FLOW @90% PURITY(10%O2) NL/MIN100 (@max 6 bar)200(@max 6 bar)
    FLOW @93% PURITY( (7%O2) NL/MIN78 (@max 7 bar)156 (@max 7 bar)
    FLOW @95% PURITY( (5%O2) NL/MIN65 (@max 8 bar)130 (@max 8 bar)
    FLOW @97% PURITY((3%O2) NL/MIN50 (@max 9 bar)100 (@max 9 bar)
    FLOW @98% PURITY((2%O2) NL/MIN40 (@max 9.3 bar)80 (@max 9.3 bar)
    FLOW @99% PURITY((1%O2) NL/MIN27 (@max 9.5 bar)25 (@max 9.5 bar)
    FLOW @99.5% PURITY( (0.5%O2) NL/MIN10 (@max 9.5 bar)20 (@max 9.5 bar)
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