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    GEMINI Laboratory Oxygen Generators adopt PSA technology to produce a continuous flow of pure oxygen from simple compressed air, without the use of chemicals.

    To operate, the GEMINI generator needs only a power supply and a flow of compressed air; different models with different flow rates and purity levels are available to meet every laboratory need. One of the special features of GEMINI Laboratory Oxygen generators is modularity, thanks to which the oxygen production of each generator can be increased according to the needs of the Customer (who can use oxygen in one or more instruments), simply by adding production modules within the same generator.

    The oxygen generated in this way can be used in various types of analysis including, for example, TOC (total organic carbon determination) analysis, electrochemical analysis, and any other application where a constant flow of pure oxygen is required.

    There are many advantages to using a gas generator instead of compressed gas cylinders:

    • Gas supply without interruption due to cylinder changes
    • Eliminating the risk of cylinder storage and handling
    • No waste of gas
    • Constant gas purity, no risk of contamination of gas in cylinder.
    Generatori di ossigeno GEMINI da laboratorio

    Data sheet

    GAS PRODUCTIONNl/min3,2-2,76,4-5,49,6-8,112,8 - 10,816 - 13,5
    PURITY RANGE%90-95
    POWER SUPPLY110-120V 60Hz / 220-240V - 50Hz
    INTERFACE3.5" color touch screen display
    DIMENSIONSmm440 x 855 x 760h
    CONNECTIONSRS 485, Ethernet
    GAS CONNECTION1/4 GAS air input/output O2
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